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Epoxy e2

The e2 is the most buoyant of our epoxy constructions, constructed with a 2 pound density foam blank, the e2:

  • Provides flex, which translates for a light and poppy feel.
  • Has proven to be long-lasting and durable.
  • Is built strong, resisting natural stress and tension.

Epoxy eS (Epoxy Stringered)

The eS, or Epoxy Stringered (eS), is the most ridged of our epoxy constructions, constructed with a stringered 2 pound density foam blank, the eS:

  • Added stiffness for more hold and drive.
  • Performs in small surf, however, can withstand larger conditions.
  • Long-lasting and durable, similar to the e2.

Epoxy eT (Epoxy Team)

The Epoxy Team (eT) option is an ultra light construction. The E-Team, constructed with an extremely light weight 1.5 pound density foam blank which guarantees:

  • Lowest and lightest density epoxy foam.
  • Speedy and quick response.
  • Apex performance in smaller conditions.

Dark Arts Carbon

Leveraging the lightweight compound of carbon fiber, Dark Arts glassed surfboards promote a light-weight design that unites speed and agility with improved durability:

  • Dark Arts Carbon is light, lively and generates speed quickly, with lots of pop and spring.
  • The Dark Arts surfboards are hand crafted, vacuum bagged, 3K carbon fiber cloth, over a 2 pound EPS stringer-less foam blank, for optimum, flex, weight and durability.
  • As seen in the Stab in the Dark 2021 edition.

Product Disclaimer

Although this material is promised to be durable, it is still prone to damage, and the extent of its durability/performance relies upon consumers’ own actions and discretion. That is including but not limited to; damaging during use, misuse or negligence, excessive exposure to UV rays or heat, etc...

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