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Watch or listen to some of Sharpeye's highest profile team riders / WCT standouts featured on the WSL's - 'The Lineup'.

World Surf League's Dave Prodan breaks things down with influential figures from all across the surf landscape. Hear their behind-the-scenes stories and unfiltered opinions to get a deeper sense of who they are and how they've influenced the sport.

Episode 26 features an in depth conversation with Sharpeye team rider / WCT superstar Kanoa Igarashi where Kanoa speaks about growing up on tour, maturing into a World Title contender, his family's backstory, surfing for fun versus surfing for work, and the wave at JBay that made him "a man."

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Episode 26 features Sharpeye team rider / WCT standout Tatiana Weston-Webb chatting to Dave Prodan, Caroline Marks and Tyler Wright about charging waves of consequence. They share their thoughts on surfing Teahupo'o, discuss what adding a women's event there would mean, recap the heaviest sessions they've ever had, and rewatch the 2014 Tahiti Pro Final.

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Episode 4 features Sharpeye team rider / WCT shredder / consistent World Title contender Filipe Toledo discussing breaking onto the world stage, how having a family has changed his motivations, his need for speed, and how the last generation of Brasilian surfers set today's athletes up for success.

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Click here to check out the boards that Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igarashi and Tatiana Weston-Webb ride.

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