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Sharpeye team riders dominate the rumble at the ranch.

Sharpeye team riders Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igarashi and Tatiana Weston-Webb have dominated at the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Rumble At The Ranch. A one-day, winner-take-all surf showdown. In a mixed tag team format contest, 16 of the world's best surfers paired up and got their shred on at the Surf Ranch. Watch finals day replays here.

The Sharpeye team riders all made it to the final with Igarashi and Weston-Webb paired off against Toledo and Coco Ho. The unique format of the The Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Rumble At The Ranch meant competitors needed to perform under intense pressure. With Filipe and Coco eventually winning out thanks to Toledo's clutch 9.67 on his trusty HT2.5 that gained the highest wave score of the event. Watch wave here.

In fact the team ended up 4 of the highest scoring waves of the event. Watch here.

The Sharpeye team blades of choice are the #77, HT2HT2.5Storms and OKAY models.

The #77 model. Filipe toledo’s board of choice during his incredible road to victory in the 2017 J Bay Open. The #77 has more entry & exit rocker then his previous Holy Toledo model, coupled with a harder edge above the fins and more subtle concave through the tail. Quoted the "fastest board ive ever ridden” by Filipe. This board surfs best in good punchy waves and is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers only. Order the model the same length as your height.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the #77 Model model for you.

The all new HT2 (Holy Toledo 2). The board that carried Filipe to victory in the 2017 Lowers pro. A branch down from the Holy Toledo, designed towards the everyday conditions we face day to day. With a more relaxed rocker, wider tail and fuller rails than the Holy Toledo, this model is more user friendly in poor conditions whilst maintaining its versatility for above average conditions. The perfect board for a surfer thats after high performance that will maintain consistence in all conditions.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the HT2 Model model for you.

The all new HT2.5 (Holy Toledo 2.5) Still maintaining its design towards everyday conditions, only with added spark! After a request from Filipe to make the HT2 go as fast as possible, Marcio got to work. There have been a few minor tweaks throughout the model with the biggest being in the tail. A small channel has been added just behind the back fin. This channel has created three major enhancements, speed - bite - drive. When surfing off the back foot there will be a considerable amount of squirt and drive without sacrificing any grip. Exactly what Filipe wanted & noticed in the r'n'd stages. The HT2.5 is now a must have in his quiver as the board has been such a crucial part of his incredible 2018 campaign. A familiar feeling with added spice in all conditions, the HT2.5 is the peak off all round performance.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the HT2.5 Model model for you.

The “Storms” is Kanoa Igarashi’s signature model suitable for small to medium waves. Kanoa helped Japan win the gold medal on the ISA games riding the Storms prototype in very small conditions.

Based on the original Disco Inferno squash, we added more area to the nose and created a bump squash on the outline for easier tight turning. We increased the nose thickness by pushing the volume forward and kept the same rocker and similar single to double concave as the original Disco Inferno. This board glides through flat sections and it can easily turn in the tighter sections of the wave, making it a new go to board for all QS warriors and local shredders.

We recommend this board for intermediate surfers looking to advance their skill even when the waves aren’t pumping, as well as advanced surfers who are competing in QS conditions or just want an overall great performance board for everyday conditions. 

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the Storms Model model for you.

The OKAY model is a staple of Filipe Toledo & Kanoa Igarashi, The OKAY is our high performance all rounder. Designed with a high entry, continuous rocker, forward foil, deep single concave and a massive amount of tail rocker. All of these features combine to create a fast flowing surfboard that will react at will and maintain control & speed in just about any condition thrown its way. Recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the OKAY Model model for you.

To order visit the Sharpeye 'surfboards' page or pop into one of our licensed authorised dealers and they can take your order and have a chat about your new stick.

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